Cambodia - Last Frontier of South East Asia and now is best for franchising 

It is the best time now to start franchising your business in Cambodia.  Cafe Amazon from Thailand has more than 150 outlets now, Little Sheep hotpot and Yat Kun Kaya Toast have started franchise business in Cambodia and enjoyed profitable and strong business in Cambodia as they are well liked by locals.  They have 2 outlets now and we will see more units of these international brands setting up across Cambodia very soon.

Contact us now for to enter Cambodia with business matching of Master and Single franchisee in Cambodia as now is the golden time to secure a strong position of your brand in this last frontier of South East Asia with population of 16 million and 3.5 million are living in the 2 main cities.

For Cambodians who wish to learn about franchising and unlock its power, please contact us for the workshops for year 2020.  We have created 2 workshops for you (1) Franchise for Dummy (2) Checklist to build successful global franchise system.  


Learn how to franchise your business by attending our specially developed workshop to enable you to learn franchising within hours.  Understand more about the workshop from the Video collection below.  Attendees have feedback that the workshop was very interesting, comprehensive with 10 Core Competencies and 40+ checklist discussed.  They highly recommend anyone interested in franchising to join these workshops.

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